Melinda is a contributing author to a writing anthology. She currently has one novel ready for submission with many others in various plotting stages.




Who do you go to for answers to your most pressing writing and publishing questions?

It’s an exciting time to dive into publishing. But writing can still be a confusing and even a lonely job. What if you had an experienced published author friend that you could call on at a moment’s notice with questions from “How do I get my characters to sound different from each other?” to “Can I expect my publisher to do that for me?”?

Written by authors for authors, Heart of the Matter includes advice, anecdotes and information gathered through the hard-won experience of members of the Heart of Carolina chapter of Romance Writers of America. From the exciting beginning of your writing project to its triumphant end, this collection covers everything from the tricky creative challenges that can arise in your work-in-progress to the toughest decisions a published author has to make. Top names in the industry — including Sabrina Jefferies, Bob Meyer, Katharine Ashe, Deb Marlow, Ava Stone, Virginia Kantra and many more — share with you their secrets for smoothing out the rough spots and taking your writing career on the path to success.

Heart of the Matter is a great resource for ideas, inspiration, and practical advice. A must have for your craft shelf.

HEART OF THE MATTER is currently available for purchase at Amazon.





Fact: One in ten beings on this earth is a creature. Some daemons, others witches, a few vampires, shapeshifters…and the occasional lycan. I’m the second on that shortlist of paranormal on earth. Whether I like it or not.

Dr. Jennifer Witt, the only detective specializing in paranormal cases for London’s Metropolitan Police Force, is far from the average human. The inherited magic in Witt’s blood provides the edge needed to bring daemonic criminals to justice.

While a notorious daemon continues to evade her grasp, a new case lands on Witt’s desk. She discovers a link between her past and a high number of recent suicides. One that enables her to reopen a closed case and solve what she always knew in her heart to be a murder.

Due to her personal ties to the case, Witt’s boss requires her to take on an objective partner.

Enter Sam Harrison, a freelance investigator and paranormal expert, not to mention socially awkward, intelligent, arrogant, bitingly honest, and… irritatingly handsome.

Together they discover the suicides are far more than meets the eye. Each victim has something unique in common with both Witt and Harrison: familial ties to a long forgotten magical order. Can Witt & Harrison ascertain what the daemon’s true motives are? And when they do, can they locate the daemon and end his existence before his next victim is one of them?

Completed at 80k words, Case of Magic is an Urban Fantasy with romantic elements, and it’s the first in The Order of Roses trilogy.