New Year, New Setting, New Attitude

Happy 2013, everyone!

It’s a Work-In-Progress, but here’s y new writing space!

It’s been a looong time since I last posted, and while I spent quite a bit of time beating myself up over not doing my weekly posts throughout the holiday season, I also spent a lot of time re-evaluating life in general. From personal, to the day job, to the writing life, I took the time to sit back and re-think – at least when I wasn’t signing my life away on our first new home and packing and moving. 🙂

On Sunday we were settled enough to where the hubs and I began putting our offices back together. We’ve all been there with moving where as long as you have the ‘basics’ unpacked (i.e., bed, couch, TVs, dining room), everything else can be done whenever you get to it. So on Sunday we unpacked about 6 boxes (mostly my writing space stuff), and after I got my new space in working order, I immediately wanted to get to work. It didn’t matter if it was editing, writing, tweeting, whatever. I just felt re-energized and I wanted to do something.
This burst of energy got me thinking about that old saying: change location/setting, change your attitude and inspiration. This saying is incredibly true!
Granted, I entirely changed homes and not just my writing space, but changing your setting doesn’t have to be that big. In fact, changes that inspire your creativity can be so small that it could be difficult for others to notice. Because as long as you and your muse take note, that’s all you need.
Here are some ideas on how to change your setting, which can help inspire your creativity and give you a new attitude/outlook on your writing:
·         Moving your creativity area to another room.
o   Before we moved, I had taken my laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the dining room table. That minor change did wonders with waking up the muse.

·         Re-Organize your creativity area/desk
o   A simple change such as moving your monitor to the opposite side of the desk.

·         Re-Organize your bookshelf
o   Whether you rearrange your books in alphabetical order by author name, or title, or split them into groups by series, etc., by redoing your bookshelf, you’re awakening that creative spark because you’re remembering how great each and every one of those books were when you’d first read them.

·         Treat yourself to something new
o   Whether buying a new monitor, a new desk, a new mouse/keyboard, or program, something shiny and new will make you want to ensure you use it more often.
These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what you can do to get that explosive spark of creativity to hit. And there’s no better time than right now. With the start of a New Year, everyone’s mindset is on new beginnings, fresh starts, positive outlooks, and we have the drive to not only succeed, but to make any new resolution or goal stick throughout the year.
Your Turn: What other ideas do you have for how to change your setting/attitude? Have you tried any of these ideas? Did they work? Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions or 2013 Writing Goals that could be helped by changing it up a little with your writing space?

Be Thankful…

Since this week is Thanksgiving, I’ll be taking a holiday break from the blog and returning next Tuesday the 27th.

Until then, here are some thoughts on what we should all be thankful. Not just during the holidays, but all day, every day.

Be thankful for the air in your lungs, the earth beneath your feet, the clouds in the sky.
Be thankful for your family, be it by blood or spirit.
Be thankful for your loved ones who are no longer with you, for at least you knew them, loved them, and have memories to call upon when you’re missing them.
Be thankful for those who stand behind you, supporting you in any and every decision you make.
Be thankful for the roof over your head, the food on your table, the warmth in your home.
Be thankful for knowing who you are and where you’re going in life.
Be thankful for today. Becuase yesterday’s gone and tomorrows are never promised.

Photo from: Teach Me Life

Your turn: What are you thankful for? Write it down, post it in a place where you’ll see if every day. Let it serve as a reminder that we should remain positive and thankful each every day. 

Returning in T-Minus 4 Days

Photo by: Lynn Kelley via WANA Commons

Me: Where the hell did October go? *searches under desk, under chair, under bed, under couch, under cat*

Hubby: What are you doing now?

Me: Looking for October. I coulda sworn it yesterday was October 1st. Now it’s… OMG it’s –

Hubby: *raises brow* You okay?

Me: *sighs* Yea… just feeling a little insane at the moment.

Hubby: *mumbles* What else is new….


Yup, that’s right! The insanity is about to begin again – and it’ll be on a new schedule: 

Tuesdays: Writing, Music, and whatever other random musings I concoct. 
Fridays: This Week in Favs… continues on its regular schedule. 

See you here on Tuesday, October 30th! 

Ahhh! I’m Finally Here!


Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to my blog: Muse, Rant, Rave

What do I mean about finally being here? Well, I’ve been meaning to set this up for a few months. Katie W is actually responsible for inspiring me to get off my lazy butt make time in my insanely busy schedule and do it! So…many thanks to Katie. Be sure to stop by her blog, KT’s Korner, and say ‘hello’.

Beginning on Monday, I will begin my journey of daily posts which will range between books, music, movies, and TV – but beware! There will be a fair amount of lit talk since I am an aspiring author and avid reader. Eventually, I will get to a point of having a weekly book review on Mondays, a ‘Song of the Week’ on Tuesdays, and ‘The Week in Favs’ on Fridays. (Wednesday and Thursday are still open) <--- I am always open to ideas, suggestions, requests, and guest blogs.

Here’s one of my favorite vids to get this blog started, though totally non-lit related, and a must since my darling son-of-a-cat does this on a daily basis.

Simon’s Cat

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I look forward to sharing, discussing, ranting, and raving with all of you!


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