MonthAugust 2011

First Sentences……And a Giveaway!

According to some, it’s dangerous for my brain to start turning…… Regardless of what they say, I did start thinking. This week it was about first sentences…..mainly due to an article posted last week on Writer Unboxed (and #2 in “My Week in Favs” post last Friday): “The First Sentence as an Amuse-Bouche.” I’m not talking about just any first sentence like those that begin a new chapter – though I personally believe the first and last sentence of every […]

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Whose Line?!? Using Multiple Points of View in Your Writing

Remember the improve comedy TV show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’? Well, Colin, Ryan, Wayne and Drew popped into my head recently as I moved from one POV in my MS to another during the editing process. Picture Courtesy of We’ve seen, read and experienced POV shifts in novels, but when it comes to actually writing those shifts, we sometimes find ourselves a little worried about whether or not those shifts of POV are working. Personally, my MS shifts […]

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