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10) “And Pretty Words All in a Row: Tightening Your Narrative Voice” on The Other Side of the Story by Janice Hardy. This is one of the hardest parts about editing/revising…but it can also be one of the fun parts. Janice is right, during the drafting process, we tend to think faster than our fingers can type, so we end up with run-on sentences, more than one topic per paragraph, and we can wander a little from the scene we’re writing at that moment. But all of that is okay because the first draft is *supposed* to be messy. That’s the reason they call it a draft. Janice has highlighted the three main areas that everyone must go back and tighten before even thinking of sending our MS over to a CP or beta reader. I enjoyed the examples – er, mini-lessons – she gave as well.

9) “Numbers Are Our Friend – Writers and the Wild World of Metrics” by Kristen Lamb. (Don’t forget to also check out Kristen’s latest entry into structure: “Structure Part 3 – Introducing the Opposition”) Numbers, folks! This week, there’s been talk and more talk about the numbers – and more talk about how the numbers behind an author doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to become a NYTBS. I’ve learned in the last few months to not focus so much on the numbers and focus more on the quality of the relationships I’m building. Kristen’s post this week was rather enjoyable since she took a different approach to the number’s game: “Numbers help us improve. They help us adjust and make a new plan if the old one isn’t working.” Hmm…..I never thought of it that way. Now that I am, I’ve been spending some time brainstorming post ideas…..

8) “Publishing in the Brave New World” by Rachelle Gardner. Given the topic circulating the blogosphere this week, I wanted to throw this one in so that we have all ends of the spectrum represented with regards to numbers. After getting a little frustrated over the post from the day before, I’m glad she wrote this one as a follow-up. Rachelle’s rant on this post posed an interesting prospective as well as a reality check: “Publishers did not create this brave new techno-world we live in.” Well, that may be true, but most of them sure have clung to it more in certain areas than others. But I do like the fact that Rachelle doesn’t enjoy that simple fact anymore than we do. 

7) “A Guide to Preparing for NaNoWriMo: The Pantsless Way” by Amber West on A Day Without Sushi. Even if you’re a plotter, some of these NaNoWriMo prep tips should be helpful – especially those on making a schedule, changing your voicemail, and pre-apologies <—Yes, pre-apologies is a BIG one around this time of year. I’m still getting around to mine since I plan on hitting it hard next month to bang out *more* than the 50,000 word-count goal! Overall, this was definitely an enjoyable and refreshing read.
6) “How Bad is Plagiarism?” by Jami Gold and “Beware of the Confidence Man” by Amber West. I still find it hard to believe that there are people out there who are more than willing to steal the genius and hard work of others, stamp their name on it, and sell/mark it as their own. But I’m extremely grateful that this blogger and so-called ‘writer’ was busted. By the way, Terrell Mims’ site where all of this happened on? It’s officially been deleted from WordPress. Reading Jami and Amber’s posts are a good reminder for all of us to be weary of some of the people out there in the blogging and Twitter worlds. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about how many writers were betrayed…and even more sick to think there are others out there who haven’t been caught yet.

5) “25 Questions to Ask as You Write” by Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. **Language warning on this one** If you’re easily offended, then you may not want to read this one. But if you’re like me and you’re not *smiles*, then pop over to this page. This was a rather enjoyable and entertaining read as I’m sure that most of us have asked at least 8-10 of these questions while writing. If you find yourself nodding too many times to count, then I’d say the click over there was well worth it. :0)

4) “Write With Passion or Not at All” by Daniel Swenson on SurlyMuse. YES! Please, dear God, write what you’re passionate about – not what other people say you should write or what you think your family and/or friends will love. If you’re heart’s not in it, then nobody’s going to buy it. “I’m saying that giving yourself permission to suck can lead you through the Valley of Suck to the Mountain of Awesome, whereas taking the shortcut through the Cave of Guilt only leads to the Lava-Filled Grotto of Hopelessness…” Well said, Daniel! Bravo!

3) “5 Tips for Not Screwing Up Your Character’s Name” by Suzanne Johnson on Roni Loren’s Writing Blog: Fiction Groupie. Naming a character can either be fun or downright frustrating. If you’re like me, you search through surname databases by origin – be it French, English, Italian, etc. – and you’re able to narrow it down to oh, maybe 20 possible names for one character. I liked this post because it actually might make the name-selection process a little simpler for everyone. If you take into account the origin, how much you love it (and whether or not you can live it with for several years), and the history behind the name, then selecting a name should be a whole lost easy going forward. This is definitely one that was printing and added to the book!

2) “The Sum of the Parts: Writing a Synopsis” on The Other Side of the Story with Janice Hardy. Remember the post from Roni Loren on synopsis? Well, here’s another great post that makes this process seem a little easier to approach. It’s another for flagging/printing – right alongside Roni’s fabulous post!

1) “Insanity Behind the Pressure to Have ‘Numbers’” by Jami Gold. *cracks knuckles* *stops and thinks for a moment* Actually, I think I already feel better now that I have also ranted in public…though on Jami’s blog. But nonetheless, I have got to give Jami kudos here for having the anatomy to speak up – once again – and say exactly what’s been on the minds of most of us writers. I stewed a little over Rachelle’s post earlier this week that sparked Jami’s post, but Jami put it out there and guess what! She was able to get to the heart of the matter (which sparked Rachelle’s second post on numbers listed above), instill hope in a lot of us writers, and build on another genuine relationship. I encourage everyone to dive in and share your opinion/thoughts on the subject…after all, it effects all of us. 

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I seriously don’t know why, but this video is hilarious….something about the way this guy lands against the wall then falls to the floor? I dunno – but it had me cracking up for at least 10 minutes.

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