Song of the Week: Hello Cold World by Paramore

I believe it’s no secret that one of my favorite bands is Paramore…hence my choice for this week’s song: Hello Cold World!

This is one of four new songs the band recorded recently (one being Monster that was a previous song of the week).  This particular song was chosen with more reason than the fact of it being written/performed by one of my favorite bands. 

This particular group has been through a lot over the past twelve or so months, so for them to put out a song like this just goes to show you that they are still here, still going strong, and still have a very positive outlook on their future as a band – and that in itself says it all (and as writers, we can take a lesson in staying strong when it feels as though the world might be falling down all around us).   

Since there isn’t an official video – yet – I’ve chosen a neat little thing called a ‘lyric video’ and the creator did a pretty good job in putting this together (as in you actually pay attention to the words and they flow ever so nicely with the music). 

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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