MonthJune 2012

How to Create a (Semi) Original Vampyre

Photo Credit As much as I hate to admit it, Vampyres are everywhere. Literally.   I remember a time where the only Vampyres on TV were those being slayed by a kick-ass female named Buffy Summers. And the most wicked Vampyre films available were the original Dracula, The Interview With the Vampire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Lost Boys. And the Vampyre-type books? Other than Anne Rice’s Vampyre novels, which I had to sneak and hide from my mom […]

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This Week in Favs….

So sorry for the absence this week. Been hitting it hard with the new workout routine while deep in editing mode. Stressful? Nah….it’s all a piece of cake! ;0) Playing on the Zune: Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones Social Media and Author Websites  7 Reasons to Quit Balking & Start Blogging, guest post by Heather Kopp on Rachelle Gardner’s blog                          How to Keep Your Blog Readers Coming Back for More by Stanford Smithat on Pushing Social     Self-Promotion: An […]

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This Week in Favs…..

Playing on the Zune: Polyamorous by Breaking Benjamin Social Media and Author Websites You’ve Got Questions – Do Writers Need to Blog? by Amber West The Important of Showing Personality by Lynda R. Young Lessons Learned Over 11 Years of Blogging, guest post by Chris Brogan on Aliventures Investment vs. Payoff: Is Blogging Worth the Time? by Roni Loren Coming Clean about My Twitter Success, guest post by Claude Bouchard on Live Write Thrive On the Craft Avoid Time Sinks: […]

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ER for Chapter/Scene Breaks

Photo Credit Literally I’m referring to the TV show, ER. Metaphorically, I wanted to look at how we use what we know and hate love about our favorite TV shows to increase urgency in our readers to turn the page. *smiles* Earlier this month, Jami Gold did an amazing post entitled Cliffhangers: Not Just for the End of the a Book. And for whatever reason, I ended up doing a big face-palm the other day. See, Jami Beta Read a […]

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Scenes: To Kill or Not to Kill…That is The Question

Photo Credit Working through critique notes can be tough. Not only do we have to read through them with an open, objective mind, we also have to absorb them. Swallow them whole bit by bit then regurgitate by making the necessary changes based on both the feedback, and what our gut tells us. Describing it that way isn’t pretty, is it? Nope. And neither is realizing you might need to cut an entire scene.  Why Kill a Scene Making the […]

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