This Week in Favs…

Playing on the Zune: Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

Social Media and Author Websites

The Forest Gump Guide to Attracting Readers and Becoming a Legend by Stanford on Pushing Social

Hashtags to Connect With Readers on Fiction Notes

On the Craft

Knowledge is Power But Story is King by Mooderino

Creativity Advice from by Mike Mullin

Could You Write the Next ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? on Write to Done

Adapting Story Structure for Any Project on The Bookshelf Muse

Writing the Heart of Your Story by Joanna Penn

Actions and Reactions: The End-All-Be-All of Storytelling by Jami Gold

The Secret To a Successful Concept by Larry Brooks

How to Write Smart, Not Fast on Write to Done

NaNo Wrap-up, Part 2: Can Slow Writers Win Too? by Jami Gold

Writerly Inspiration

NaNoWriMo Next Steps: Bringing Books to Life by Cate Russell-Cole

Healing Creative Injuries by Cate Russell-Cole

On Editing, Critiquing, Querying, Publishing and more…

Procrastination: Don’t Put Off Dealing With It on The Writer’s Relief

21 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors, Bloggers and Artists by Janet Boyer

The Fine Art of Conquering Impatience by C.S. Lakin

Why The End Isn’t The End by Tawna Fenske

Change is Not the Enemy on Writer Unboxed

The Victims of the Penguin & Random House Merger: Literary Agents by Ella Delany

From Debut to Multi-Published: What I’ve Learned In My 1st Year as a Published Author by Roni Loren

How to Survive a Critique by Marcy Kennedy

Other Round-Ups

The Author Chronicles’ Top Picks Thursday

Stina Lindenblatt’s Cool Links Friday

Roni Loren’s Fill-Me-In Friday

Elizabeth S. Craig’s Twitterific (compilation of all the writing links she’s shared this week – updated on Sundays)

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