MonthJanuary 2013

This Week in Favs…Is Retiring (For Now)

Photo Credit After a lot of thinking, and thinking, and thinking, I have decided that it’s time for me to temporarily retire my Week in Favs posts. This decision has been in the works for quite a while – since November, actually – and it wasn’t until I read Stina Lindenblatt’s post announcing that she was retiring her Cool Links Friday posts, that I finally decided to retire my post as well. Stina’s reasonings mirror my own, and so once […]

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This Week in Favs – 1.25.2013

Playing on the Zune: Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars   Social Media, Blogging, and Author Websites A Tip for Getting Readers to Your Blog by Lucille Zimmerman on WordServe Water CoolerSocial Media Just for Writers by Stina LindenblattCharacter Development: Morals & Ideology by Ava JaeWriter Wednesday: Goodreads vs. Facebook Ads – an Experiment – Part I and Part II by Angela QuarlesThe Power of a Reader’s Word of Mouth by Jody Hedlund     On Writing Craft  Three […]

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What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

  Photo Credt Last week I was approached by the lovely Charissa Weaks to join in on some writing fun – er, yeah, we’ll go with *fun* – and talk about the biggest obstacle I’ve faced as a writer. Of course I was excited to oblige, Charissa’s an all-around awesome person (who I can’t wait to meet in person one day), and hey, let’s face it, I’m a writer, and I’ve definitely had struggles. 🙂 When it came down to decided […]

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This Week in Favs – 1.18.2013

Playing on the Zune: Haunted by Kelly Clarkson   Social Media, Blogging, and Author Websites Passionate Characters to Counteract the Passive Inciting Incident by Martina BooneThe Most Powerful Social Media Tool for Building an Author Platform – Part 1 & Part 2 – by Kristen Lamb     On Writing Craft  Four Ways to Pre-Write Your Scenes on The Otherside of the Story with Janice HardyFive Quick Tips for Better Dialogue in Fiction on The Creative Penn5 Examples of Misplaced Modifiers on […]

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This Week in Favs – 1.11.2013

Playing on the Zune: Gasoline by The Living Daylights   Social Media, Blogging, and Author Websites Divide and Conquer: Building an Author Platform by Proxy  How to Think of Blog Post Ideas by Ava Jae on Writability     On Writing Craft  What Writers Can Learn From Classic Television on Left-Brain Business for Write-Brained People Inspired Openings by Kay Honeyman on Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing   The Paradox by Donald Maass   The Finishing Touches by Jael McHenry  Series of […]

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New Year, New Setting, New Attitude

Happy 2013, everyone! It’s a Work-In-Progress, but here’s y new writing space! It’s been a looong time since I last posted, and while I spent quite a bit of time beating myself up over not doing my weekly posts throughout the holiday season, I also spent a lot of time re-evaluating life in general. From personal, to the day job, to the writing life, I took the time to sit back and re-think – at least when I wasn’t signing […]

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