This Week in Favs…Is Retiring (For Now)

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After a lot of thinking, and thinking, and thinking, I have decided that it’s time for me to temporarily retire my Week in Favs posts.

This decision has been in the works for quite a while – since November, actually – and it wasn’t until I read Stina Lindenblatt’s post announcing that she was retiring her Cool Links Friday posts, that I finally decided to retire my post as well.

Stina’s reasonings mirror my own, and so once again, I felt a little relieved at knowing WE ARE NOT ALONE. I also felt a little sad because I enjoy sharing the best posts of the week with my fellow writers.

But the time has come to buckle down and concentrate on my writing. With the additional four to five hours a week that I would normally spend on perusing the blogging world for the best writing posts I can find, I’ll be able to concentrate on not only my writing, but also on bringing all of you better quality writing posts. And maybe some more music posts. And maybe some movie posts.

So… today I will not say ‘goodbye’ to This Week in Favs. Instead, I will say ‘goodbye for now’ because I’m sure that somewhere down the road I’ll end up missing it and will end up incorporating the posts back into my schedule. Not sure when, but it’ll always remain an option for me.  🙂

Thank you for understanding, and for visiting my blog on Friday’s to catch up on the great posts our fellow authors have written throughout the last year and a half. *BIG HUGS*

My blogging schedule will now be Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays I’ll continue to reserve for writerly posts, and Fridays I’ll now reserve for fun stuff – music, movies, and anything else my heart desires that week. 🙂

As always, Happy Reading & Writing, Everyone!!!

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