MonthFebruary 2013

WANACon: The Worldwide Writing Conference

Last weekend I attended the first-ever WANACon – an interactive global conference for writers based solely online. Yup, you heard me right. The conference was fully online with a virtual classroom complete with audio, video, and chat capabilities – all that were used to maximum capacity. There was even a lobby where attendees could hang out in between seminars and chat. WANA founder Kristen Lamb, her team at WANA International, and TechSurgeons (the genius behind all the technology) led the charge in this new and […]

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5 Tax Tips for Authors

Last week I talked about how meeting with my new CPA made me feel like a *real* author. So this week, I wanted to share some quick and dirty tips on how to be better prepared when the time comes to prep your taxes. Most of you may read these tips and think, “Duh, Melinda!” However, truth be told, I wanted to say the same thing to my CPA even though I was going to have go home and do […]

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Why Tax Time Makes Me Feel Like a *Real* Author

Last night, the hubs and I met with a CPA for the first time. Ever. And I have to say, this CPA made me feel more like an author than I ever had before. 🙂 At first we had gotten the referral to my CPA because we bought a house in December. But then I thought about my writing expenses for 2012. I took 4 online Lawson’s Writing Academy courses, traveled to Colorado for an Immersion Master Class, bought tons of […]

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Love, Music, and John Lennon

Today I’m over at Yelena Casale’s blog talking about the music that inspires the muse. The post even comes with mini playlists for high emotional scenes, and YouTube links to each song so you can listen before purchasing the tunes. Please head over, visit with me and Yelena, and share some of your favorite muse-inspiring music. 🙂 When Yelena asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I honestly wasn’t sure what I’d talk about. The craft? Yes, […]

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Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts – A Guide for Writers & The Ones Who Love Them

With Valentine’s Day arriving this week – where the hell did the month go? – I started thinking on what would be the *perfect* Valentine’s Day gift for a writer. This was both good and bad. Good because I discovered there were many items that I think would make a great gift. Bad because there are a few reminders I had to strategically place throughout the house to ensure Thursday went off without a hitch in this house. 🙂 So I threw all […]

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