MonthMarch 2013

More Gits and Shiggles

Dear Wednesday, You puzzle me. You signify the middle of the week, yet also remind us there are still two more days before the weekend. But don’t worry, Wednesday. You will not beat me. For I have funnies to put a smile on my face and keep me laughing until then. So … nice try? Maybe next time? Pooey on you? Which would you prefer I say to you this week? Sincerely Yours, Still Smiling 🙂Here’s some laughs to keep you […]

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The Highlighter-Infused Crazy List Maker

   My lists went from plain and boring tofun and rainbow-colored. I bet you were wondering who I might’ve been referring to by that title. *raises hand* Yup, that’s me. And I’m willing bet this is some of you as well. Though you might lean more towards the “list” part of that title and not the “highlighter-infused crazy”, am I right? 😉 I’m as guilty as ever for being so far OCD that I not only make To Do […]

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Gits and Shiggles

Happy Hump Day!  Wednesday. The middle of the week. The moment where you often think only two more days to go and then it’s the weekend!   This is the point in the work week where I often look to laughter to help me finish out the week. So I wanted to share some of what makes me laugh. No matter how many times I see these clips (and the TV episodes and/or movies they’re from), I can’t help but laugh. Almost instantaneously, […]

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Keeping Positive to Keep Moving Forward

 Paramore on the Honda Civic TourSummer of 2010Picture by Me 🙂 I’m a huge music junkie. No doubt I’ve done everythingto hide that fact. *sheepish grin* One of my favorite bands is Paramore. I’ve seen them in concert twice, usually listen to their albums while driving across the state for the day job, and yes, many of their songs are in my writing playlists. On Sunday I ran across a photo of Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, on Facebook […]

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