Fancy a Good Laugh?

Today I’m interrupting my series on Advice to My Newbie Author Self to stop, breathe, take a chill pill, and have a much-needed laugh. 🙂

Here are few funnies that have gotten me rolling on the floor with laughter …

Here’s the latest from Simon’s Cat:


This is a little long, but I promise you, it’s hilarious. Especially if you’re a writer … and a Star Wars, X-Men, and Avengers fan. 😀


I re-watched Wanda Sykes’s latest stand-up special, and while the entire show was awesome and funny, this is the portion where I literally could not breathe because I was laughing so hard. **Language Warning**


Oh, yeah … The Big Bang Theory Flash Mob! (Psst…look for Sheldon standing next to the couch in the back.)  😀


Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday! 😀

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