MonthJune 2013

Tune-In Tuesday: Scotty Doesn’t Know

Welcome back to Tune-In Tuesday! This week I’m highlighting a song that always puts me a good mood. “Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra, made famous by the movie Europtrip. 😀 No matter how bad your day is going, this song will never fail to make you smile because things could always be worse. Your significant other could break-up with you after your graduation. You could then find out via a rock song at a graduation party–in front of all of your friends–that your […]

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Tune-In Tuesday: Zombie – Cover by Breed 77

Welcome back to Tune-In Tuesday, a weekly visit down music lane where I highlight a song (or two, or more) from my writing playlists. Two weeks ago I posted a few versions of the song “Feeling Good”. Today, I wanted to highlight one of my all-time favorite covers: ZOMBIE — originally recorded by The Cranberries and covered by Breed 77. Enjoy!     Do you have a favorite cover or song you’d like to have highlighted in these weekly posts? […]

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Tune-In Tuesday: Covers & Re-Makes (Feeling Good)

Music, novels, movies, and TV shows. These modes of entertainment have plenty in common, but for today we’re going to focus on one in particular: The Re-Make As writers we hear quite often that there are no true original plots, only fresh twists and takes on old, existing plots. This is true, and it got me thinking on how truly original most music is these days. You can turn on the radio and listen to a brand new single and […]

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