Tune-In Tuesday: Covers & Re-Makes (Feeling Good)

Music, novels, movies, and TV shows. These modes of entertainment have plenty in common, but for today we’re going to focus on one in particular:

The Re-Make

As writers we hear quite often that there are no true original plots, only fresh twists and takes on old, existing plots. This is true, and it got me thinking on how truly original most music is these days. You can turn on the radio and listen to a brand new single and think, “How are these artists coming up with these original tunes? Holy Genius I wish I could come up with something like that!”

Well, similar to novels, movies and TV shows, music also recycles their story/theme threads. And just like novels, what makes the theme original is the presentation, the feeling driving the music, the unique word choice, and the artist who used the tools available to them to create something original and magical.

I enjoy working with analogies (I bet nobody could tell, right?), so this analogy right here totally blew my mind when it occurred to me. Because I never stopped to think of music in these terms. Never actually stopped and literally compared tunes to novels in the literary/creativity sense. Before now, music was purely a heartbeat, a way of life, or getting through the tough times and mainly a background noise that helped to inspire scenes and characters that I love.

Now I feel incredible inspired in a very different sense of the word whenever I hear a song. And I hope you do, too. 🙂

And in the spirit of Re-Makes and Covers, here’s one of my favorite tunes, expressed 4 different ways by 4 different artists (Muse being my absolutely favorite in this bunch)–each one unique and entertaining in its own way. 😀









3 thoughts on “Tune-In Tuesday: Covers & Re-Makes (Feeling Good)

  1. This is a fun post on so many levels. Thanks for posting. But I gotta say I still love Buble best, and the fact that they gave a 007 twist to the video made me love it that much more. Amazing all the changes with the same lyrics. I was riding with my daughter yesterday and put in a CD mix that included Leslie Mendelson’s “Be My Baby” and my daughter was floored at how much she liked the song. She knew the old Ronettes’ version, but this bluesy cover is now a new favorite of a song she never thought she liked before. Wonderful music lessons…

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