MonthJuly 2013

On Candy Crush and Writing

Ahhh, Candy Crush. I wish I could say that I have loads of self-control.That I was able to not succumb–yet again–to an online-Facebook game. But … I cannot. *grin* I mean, come in, cute rainbow-colored candies and nifty power-ups? Why, it’s like Bejeweled. But on crack. 😉 In any case, I was incredibly lazy the weekend before last. My sister and I held a Slumber Party at our house, and so in preparation for this female-only gathering, I cleaned my […]

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Tune-In Tuesday: Titanium

Welcome back to another Tune-In Tuesday installment! Who doesn’t love a song about strength? About facing down the world and telling ’em that no matter how many insults they fire at you, breaking is not an option. 🙂 Today’s song conveys just that–“Titanium” by David Guetta, featuring Sia. Enjoy!     Happy Listening and Writing! Related posts: Tune-In Tuesday: Peace of Mind Tune-In Tuesday: Demons by Imagine Dragons Tune-In Tuesday: Unconditionally Tune-In Tuesday: Magic by Coldplay

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Tune-In Tuesday: Let It Be

Welcome back to another Tune-In Tuesday installment! 😀 Today I wanted to go back a bit in music history to visit with my favorite band of all time. The Beatles We each have that one song, or that one band, movie, TV show, or toy from our childhood that instantly plants a smile on our lips and warmth in our hearts. The Beatles are that band for me. Their music was the first I can recall ever hearing. They were […]

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