Tune-In Tuesday: Let It Be

Welcome back to another Tune-In Tuesday installment! 😀

Today I wanted to go back a bit in music history to visit with my favorite band of all time.

The Beatles

We each have that one song, or that one band, movie, TV show, or toy from our childhood that instantly plants a smile on our lips and warmth in our hearts. The Beatles are that band for me. Their music was the first I can recall ever hearing. They were the first band I desperately wanted to see in concert (I was about 12 years too late for that one). And their albums were the first I ever turned to in times of personal turmoil.

From divorcing parents, to schoolyard bullies, to having a broken heart, to being carefree and dancing around the house like no one was watching, the Fab Four were there for me.

Here’s one my favorite songs from The Beatles–Let It Be.




And for those of you who have enjoyed my trips down “Cover Lane”, here is another great version of this song from the movie, Across the Universe.



Happy Listening and Writing, everyone! 😀

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