MonthNovember 2013

Tune-In Tuesday: Unconditionally

Happy Tuesday! The American Music Awards were this past Sunday night, and Katy Perry had the honor of opening the show with her new single, Unconditionally. The set, the dancers, the lyrics, her voice … all of it was fantastically top notch. LOVE Kady, and every time I see her perform, she gives me hope and leaves me looking forward to what she’ll do next. And this video? Amazing. 😉 Enjoy!     Related posts: Tune-In Tuesday: Titanium Tune-In Tuesday: Peace of Mind […]

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Video Fun Friday #1

I watch way too many hilarious You Tube videos throughout the week. So I decided to start sharing at least one with all of you on Fridays. So … welcome to Video Fun Friday! Video #1: This one’s just too cute to pass up. I really need to post a video or two of my cats since they enjoy playing with water, too. 🙂     Video #2: Tom Hiddleston impersonating a velociraptor! LOVE this one! And I discovered this jewel […]

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Are You a Multitasking Writer?

This past weekend I experienced something that could be considered the ultimate in multitasking: cooking while writing. 🙂 Believe me, I knew this could’ve ended in one or two ways. Either everything was end up “sorta” okay, or the food was gonna be burnt, burnt, burnt. Bad news is the hubby caught me in the act. Good news is the food turned out GREAT. The even better news is that I managed to get at least 700 fresh words written […]

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Tune-In Tuesday: Demons by Imagine Dragons

Welcome back to Tune-In Tuesday! I’m just now realizing how long it’s been since I’ve posted. *head desk* When the muse hits and demands you edit, edit, edit one project and write, write, write another project, you listen. And sometimes when we listen and obey we get so caught up in that work that everything else falls through the cracks. Agree? Cool. Now onto today’s music. 😉 I’ve been loving on the band Imagine Dragons lately. As in, I’m listening […]

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