MonthMarch 2014

The Accountability Factor—Part One: The Family

Ahhh… Accountability. The state of being accountable. Liable. Answerable. No matter which aspect in our lives we’re looking at, we’re all accountable to someone. And how we handle ourselves in response to the many demands accountability dumps on us is part of what defines us as individuals. Today I wanted to look at one of the many areas of accountability in a writer’s life.  THE FAMILY Waking everyone up in the morning, prepping lunches for school/work, getting dinner on the […]

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Tune-In Tuesday: Magic by Coldplay

Today’s song was chosen because it’s on the soundtrack to the new WIP I’m working on… Where the sexy hero is from a magical realm of The Seven Kingdoms. I can’t tell you how many times I listened to this song while writing the inciting incident and first plot point. I just love it that much. 🙂 Enjoy!   Related posts: Tine-In Tuesday: The 2nd Law–Isolated System Tune-In Tuesday: Peace of Mind Tune-In Tuesday: Demons by Imagine Dragons Tune-In Tuesday: Follow Me by Muse

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