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Tune-In Tuesday: Hail to the King

Welcome to a new installment of Tune-In Tuesday! This week’s song is the title track to the new album from Avenged Sevenfold (A7X)–“Hail to the King”. When I first heard this tune, I automatically thought about J.R. Ward’s BDB series. I mean, come on, the next book due out in this series is, “The King”. BUT… I then thought about my current WIP–you know, the one I’m sloooowly revising and editing but will have completely polished and ready for submission […]

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Structure of a Scene, Part Two – Motivation Reaction Units

I feel like Sheldon during A-ha moments 🙂 Last week I shared my ‘A-ha!’ moment with Scene & Sequel. It’s one to read, read, read on a particular topic until it’s in your brain, but it’s entirely another to be shown said topic and actually understand it.     Hmm….I do think that was a classic Show vs. Tell example! *smiles*     Anyway, so back to Motivation Reaction Units (MRU), another fun technique I learned about in Margie Lawson’s […]

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Structure of a Scene, Part One – Scene & Sequel

Photo Credit One of the awesomely cool things about taking an online writing course is the fun new ways you learn about old techniques. I love it when something you already know clicks in your head because now you fully understand the concept. And you can point out what you’ve learned in every published book you read.   In Margie Lawson’s Deep Editing course, she referred to an article by Randy Ingermanson (the ‘Snowflake Guy’) called, “Writing the Perfect Scene.” […]

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