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Getting Armed and Ready for a New Author Site & Blog

Usually when writers set out to start a blog, we get so excited over the idea of getting out there and sharing our journeys that we make the mistake of not truly researching all the options out there for an author site and/or blog. Who has two thumbs and made that mistake three years ago? *whistles and looks away* 😉 When we’re finally ready to put ourselves out there, we can sometimes go with the first blogging platform we’ve discovered. […]

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Springtime & Starting Fresh: New Site, New Blog, New Lessons

It’s Springtime again! Woo hoo! Time for Spring-cleaning, warmer weather (if Mother Nature cooperates *shakes fist*), and fresh blooms. If you think about it, New Year’s and Springtime both have a few things in common: Both are times to start fresh, begin anew, get rid of the clutter in your home and/or life, and to revamp, rethink and reboot. And that’s exactly what I’ve been up to this past month: starting fresh, revamping, rethinking and rebooting. 🙂   Starting Fresh […]

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