Advice to My Newbie Author Self, Part 2: Buh-Bye Self-Doubt & Introverted Tendencies

Two weeks ago I addressed the first piece of advice to my newbie author self: Patience, Young Padawan. This week I wanted to address another important piece of advice I believe every author, especially newbies, can benefit from: saying sayonara to our self-doubt and introverted ways. Part of the time, at least. Yes, I know, this is definitely easier said than done. 🙂 Step 1: Start with Social Media In the WikiHow article How to Make Friends As an Introvert, […]

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Advice to My Newbie Author Self – Part 1: Patience, Young Padawan

When we first start venturing down the road to becoming a published author, there are many, many, many aspects of this writing life that we don’t know. Some things are fairly simple–such as writing craft techniques that’ll make your life so much easier–but others are the kind of stumbling blocks we didn’t know were there until we’ve already tripped and smacked our heads on the pavement. *re-applies ice packet to forehead* The pain! OMG, the pain!! I set out to […]

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