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Song of the Week: Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars

We’re *almost* there! March 23rd is just around the corner, and in celebration of the fact that we don’t have too much longer to go before we all head to the theatre (may more than once?), this week’s song is the first one to be announced as part of the soundtrack (and I REALLY can’t wait to get my hands on it). Hope you enjoy! Happy Reading and Writing, everyone!!! Melinda Related posts: Song of the Week: My Immortal by […]

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This Week in Favs…..

Playing on the Zune: Feel It In My Bones by Tiesto, feat. Teagan & Sara 10) “The Power of the Past” by Becca Puglisi on Sherry Soule’s Fiction Writing Tools blog. Ah, backstory! It can be incredibly hard to decide on which scenes/information you should divulge/detail and which ones you shouldn’t. Becca gives some really great advice here to assist you with those sometimes-difficult decisions, which I’m sure that we can all say we will be forever grateful for.  :0)  […]

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