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5 Tax Tips for Authors

Last week I talked about how meeting with my new CPA made me feel like a *real* author. So this week, I wanted to share some quick and dirty tips on how to be better prepared when the time comes to prep your taxes. Most of you may read these tips and think, “Duh, Melinda!” However, truth be told, I wanted to say the same thing to my CPA even though I was going to have go home and do […]

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What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

  Photo Credt Last week I was approached by the lovely Charissa Weaks to join in on some writing fun – er, yeah, we’ll go with *fun* – and talk about the biggest obstacle I’ve faced as a writer. Of course I was excited to oblige, Charissa’s an all-around awesome person (who I can’t wait to meet in person one day), and hey, let’s face it, I’m a writer, and I’ve definitely had struggles. 🙂 When it came down to decided […]

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